Letter from the Prior

Welcome to TexasSammy.org, the official website of the Sigma Theta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu.

The Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity is one of great history and rich tradition in which we, the Sigma Theta Chapter, uphold at the University of Texas at Austin. Our members come from all walks of life, pursue various academic disciplines, and participate in and lead a wide range of campus organizations and activities. We all are joined by a common will to improve each other through brotherhood and friendship.

Our chapter of Sammy has truly discovered that the basis of any fraternity lies within the bonds we have with one another, and the great times that inevitably ensue.

I encourage you to look through our website to discover some of the events and ideals that our brotherhood has partaken in over the years to become one of the strongest fraternities at The University of Texas.


Gordon Thal

Prior, 2013